Perhaps the best way of expressing this is with a timeline...
Feb 2005 Gary RogersExternal link came up with original concept for Great Britain, Ireland is quickly added.
Mar 2005 Paul DixonExternal link created the link website, and at the same time created the open source projectExternal link (GPL licensed) so the concept can easily be taken further afield.
Apr 2005 Barry HunterExternal link joins the project to further the mapping and search functionality, and continues to add statistics and other features.
Sept 2005 Ian RutsonExternal link contributed to the Memory Map export features.
Oct 2006 David MorrisExternal link created the bulk standalone upload application - JUppy
Oct 2008 Hansjörg LippExternal link stepped up and created Geograph GermanyExternal link. At the same time helps clean up the codebase which has seen a few years of tending to become more and more British Isles specific.
Apr 2010 Barry Hunter creates and maintains the Geograph Channel Islands website...
Feb 2016 Geograph Project Limited takes over responsiblity for the website



Mapping & Location Data


Geograph Channel Islands is hosted by Geograph Britain and Ireland, which in turn is supported by:


This project relies on the following open-source technologies:

PHPExternal link SmartyExternal link adodbExternal link MySQLExternal link powered by SphinxExternal link memcachedExternal link

Code Libaries

We have reused code from following open-source projects:

Without all of the above this site wouldn't be possible, thanks to everyone involved!

We also strive to adhere to the following standards:

XHTMLExternal link CSSExternal link Bobby WorldWide Approved 508External link
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